FP7 Solder

Spectrum OverLay through aggregation of heterogeneous DispERsed Bands


Project overview

The goal of SOLDER is to develop a new spectrum overlay technology, which will provide the efficient aggregation of non-continuous dispersed spectrum bands licensed to heterogeneous networks (HetNets) and heterogeneous Radio Access Technology (h-RATs).

Role of IS-wireless

Within 5GNOW SOLDER IS-Wireless was responsible for radio resource management, scheduler implementation and MAC layer design implementation and system-level simulations.

Main contributions

Design of Carrier Aggregation scheduler for LTE. THe scheduler got integrated with the branch of the popular SDR-based OpenAirInterface LTE stack from Eurecom. The scheduler allows for parametrization of objectives (maximizing throughput, fairness, minimizing latency). The scheduler has been described here

  • D2.1 Carrier Aggregation over HetNets and h-RATs: Objectives, Scenarios and Requirements More info
  • D2.2 Component-level requirements for scenarios and use cases More info
  • D2.3 System-Level Requirements for Scenarios and Use Cases More info
  • D3.1 Initial report of heterogeneous Carrier Aggregation in LTE-A and Beyond More info
  • D3.2 Innovative solution for Carrier Aggregation in h-RATs, LTE-A and Beyond More info
  • D3.3 Final report, Carrier aggregation in h-RATs: PHY, and system results More info
  • D4.1 PoC Scenarios and system interfaces More info
  • D4.2 PoC Scenarios and system interfaces More info
  • D4.3 Experimental analysis of the integrated SOLDER system More info